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Essential - Not Tangential

We keep generic accessories in-stock and ready to be shipped out at a moment's notice. Unlike a lot of items you'll find throughout our site, ink, impression darkeners, stamp pads, & embossing foil require no custom information entry.

We just grab them off our shelves, package, & send once your order is placed.

For Any Stamp or Embosser

While lacking the, erm, appeal, of the custom end, these accessories are business essentials that keep your favorite products alive and interesting. Titans Maxlight, Trodat, Ideal, Shiny, Cosco, and Xstamper are all represented. Use for old-fashioned embossments or a self-inking stamp; your industry doesn't matter as long as you need to keep stamps and seals filled, inked, & visible.

Click into a category to browse products. Choose Refill Ink & Pads if you have a stamp or Labels and Impression Inkers for an embosser.