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Reasons To Form a Non-Profit

People organize Non-profit corporations to:

  1. Bring a beneficial product, skill, service, or association into the world.
  2. Obtain tax benefits 

These reasons are linked. The unique corporate structure of a Not-for-Profit allows society to receive maximum benefit. All profits, donations, and contributions must be reinvested back into the business. In turn, the organization may avoid paying taxes at the state and/or federal level. 


We can offer Secretary of State filing services along with insertion of a purpose clause containing the proper 501 (c) (3) language.
This gets you up-and-running in any U.S. state & ready to apply for tax exemption. 

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Organized? Buy Your Not-for-Profit a Full Corporate Book / Kit

Many different groups form Non-profits. Keep good internal records during board meetings always and develop institutional memory. Our
Kits are designed to make record-keeping as simple as possible

Feel confident walking into a bank or credit union and opening an associated account. Pieces of equipment from inside the Kit are
also available for individual sale.

Click the Book to customize or browse related items below. We ship to all 50 states and include expedited options.

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