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A seal impression inker makes embossings visible for fax, scan, or copy. Maxlight uses premium, fast-drying, dark red ink.

Seal Impression Inker | Premium - Burgundy

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What is A Seal Impression Inker?

Have you ever wondered how to make an old-school embosser suitable for the modern age of faxing, scans, and other types of photographic reproduction? The answer is with a Seal Impression Inker.

How It Works:

A Seal Impression Inker darkens the area raised by an embosser. Do so by rubbing your Inker lightly over where the corporate seal image juts off the paper. Your seal is now visible. Scan, fax, or make copies of the document.

Why Get the Premium Model

Impression Inkers are an intelligent purchase in an environment requiring increased digital representation. Our Premium Model retains the embosser feeling by using fast-drying, indelible ink to make seals visible. This specialized ink is made by industry-constant Trodat for its premium MaxLight™ brand. Here are some of its features:

  • Trodat manufactured Maxlight™ premium engineering
  • Can be used on standard 1.6-inch diameter seals
  • Accommodates up to 2-inch diameter
  • Darken 25,000 seals before re-inking
  • High-quality, oil-based Burgundy (Deep Red) ink

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