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Origins, Definition

The Dutch East Indies Company, a joint-stock company known for their investment into many projects foundational to our modern world, is considered the first corporate body to have issued stock as a way to quell up private capital for their mercantile projects. Doing so creates access beyond your current corporate war-chest and is instrumental for potential growth. Like-minded business members commune in a shared agreement. Financial terms are established by the certificate, a binding agreement between corporation and shareholder. Each owner possesses stake in your company relative to the conditions agreed upon in the

This old certificate of share dates back to 1606.

Stock certificates remind us of an era when Kings and Queens ruled. We like to think it still is! Corporateseals.com produces high-quality, custom printed and blank certificates of stock and membership. Modern Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) do
not issue stock, instead representing claims on business profit, assets, and voting rights by conferring either a percentage or numerical unit of membership on owners.
We tailor your chosen style of certificate to the discrete needs aligning each business entity (Corporation, LLC, Non-Profit). Choose the custom option to enter your unique details online and get laser-printed certificates by our fine in-house team with over 20+ years helping business owners of all types incorporate. Stay secure with proper documentation. Incorporating can be an exciting but sometimes confusing process. Make everyone involved sure of his
or her duties in regard to the standards set forward in your articles of incorporation or operating agreement.
Each delegated stockholder and member should be aware. Order blank certificates to receive our professional templates for private manipulation. Keeping good, accessible corporate records can only help and protect the life of your future business, and establish a groundwork for unlimited growth.

While computerized book entry will account for your official shareholder and membership record-keeping, nothing beats the accentuated formality endowing participation in an organization paper certificates do. Safely keep records inside a binder or corporate kit with all other relevant documentation for easy reference.

You have the option to choose between blank and custom printed version of any of our products.

So what is the difference between a blank and custom stock certificate? Click below and find out.