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Corporate Seal Stamp | Pre Inked (Mobile)

SKU: AC-35
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Why Use A Pre-inked Stamp For My Company Seal? 

Pre-inked models offer unbeatable efficiency and value over the lifetime of a stamp. Create up to 50,000 clean, crisp impressions before re-inking due to unique properties and the use of an oil-based ink, well more than a typical Self Inking Stamp. The elevated price-point is offset by the large diameter print size and high-quality images created by pre-inked stamps. Besides getting 50,000 custom corporate seal stamps without ever re-inking. Never change out a pad. Screw off the top handle and drop in a a few drops of your manufacturer's branded ink (for this model you would want to buy Maxlight). Refer to manufacturer for details. Protective cover included.



 Corporate  LLC  Non-Profit LLP PC


And Why Get A Slim Stamp® For My Business?

Trodat has been making seals and stamps since 1957. Their Slim Stamps® are compact, pre-inked models designed for mobile customers. If you need a stamp that will fit inside your purse or pocket while traveling from office-to-home-to-job sites, this is the one for you!

The stamp itself sits roughly to the brim of the housing. A small case size means less plastic is used during manufacturing., making the Slim Stamp® friend to the environment.

And don’t get duped by its compact design. Your Slim Stamp® will create a 2-inch diameter, clear, inked, image of a custom company seal. The provided snap-on closing cap ensures dust stays out and ink stays in when you are on-the-go. Product summary:

  • Custom Corporate Seal Impressions (INC, LLC, Non Profit)
  • Pre-inked Mobile, Pocket Style
  • Extra-large impression size (2-inch Diameter)
  • Low emissions manufacturing
  • Maxlight brand ink only when re-inking

*Get larger impression sizes than any other pocket model by ordering a Slim Stamp®.  Maintain the benefits offered by Pre-inked design. If you have any questions during the ordering process, please gives us a call at (888) 814-7325 or send over an email. We will be happy to help you along.

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