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Ultramodern corporate seal stamp prints a round image of custom LLC, Corporation, or Non Profit company details. Manufactured by Xstamper, creator of pre-inked tech.

Corporate Seal Stamp | Pre-Inked (Xstamper)

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Why Use A Pre-inked Stamp For Company Seals?

Pre-inked models offer unbeatable efficiency and value over the lifetime of a stamp. Create up to 50,000 clean, crisp impressions before re-inking due to unique properties and the use of an oil-based ink, well more than a typical Self Inking Stamp. The elevated price-point is offset by the large diameter print size and high-quality images created by pre-inked stamps. Besides getting 50,000 custom corporate seal stamps without ever re-inking. Never change out a pad. Screw off the top handle and drop in a 5-6 drops of your manufacturer's branded ink (for this model you would want to buy Xstamper's refill ink). Turn it upside down and let marinate overnight. Protective cover included.

 Example Corporate Seal Impression Image Created by an Embosser for a Corporation
 Sample Corporate Seal Impression Image Created by an Embosser for a Limited Liability Company
 Example Corporate Seal Impression Image Created by an Embosser for a Non Profit Corporation
 Sample Corporate Seal Impression Image Created by an Embosser for a Limited Liability Partnership
 Example Corporate Seal Impression Image Created by an Embosser for a Professional Corporation
 Corporate  LLC  Non-Profit LLP PC


And Why Choose Xstamper For My Business?

All the way back in 1968 while doing research into how to make more durable stamp pads, Xstamper technicians injected salt into a rubber compound being used to mold the pads.

Pre-inked stamps were born! Yield the sharpest, clearest, most consistent stamp prints by using these model types.

As creators of the underlying technology, you can expect Xstamper products to epitomize the superior value pre-inked stamps offer. No mess. Tons of prints. Long-lasting.

Pay a little more up front and get the lowest cost per impression available. Plus a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee from the same company which developed the stamp itself. Product highlights:

  • Round, short, easy-to-handle mount
  • 1-9/16" diameter impression area
Manufacturing Process: Effects on Ink Color and Speed of Stamping

Always use the same ink purchased at manufacture. Changing ink color over the course of a pre-inked model's life can damage the pad and lead to sloppy prints. Stay with the standard black we install during production. Your stamp image containing all corporate information is first printed from a laser printer, then transferred to a foam by the flash of a bright light; similar to the flash that creates an image when taking a picture on an analog camera. Once this has occurred, the foam is placed onto the bottom of the stamp. A predetermined amount and color of ink is placed on top of the foam. Saturated, the foam acts as a reservoir to allow ink to exit only where the image of your unique corporate information has been applied. Like self-inking models, pre-inked stamps do not require use of a separate stamp pad, as with traditional styles. All your corporate stamps are ready to go. However, there is an important functional difference. Due to the same mechanics which produce ultra high-quality seal images, it takes 2-3 seconds for the oil-based ink to leach into the foam. For this reason, we do not recommend pre-inked stamps for rapid, repetitive use. Choose a self-inking model for this purpose.

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