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Corporate Seal Stamp | Self Inking (Heavy Duty)

SKU: AB-17
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Why Get A Self-inking Stamp For Company Seals?

Self-inking stamps are made for simple, repetitive use. After each imprint, an inked pad internal to the unit recoils as it closes, hitting a customized
die plate and making the stamp ready for your next impression. This automatic re-inking feature makes self-inkers great for stamping large volumes in quick succession. If you're tired of separate inking pads this is a better option. Modern users will appreciate its sleek, functional design. Laser-engraved with your unique corporate seal requirements, get ready to produce years of clean, custom prints. Ditch the pad and get a self-inking stamp.

 Sample Corporate Seal Impression Image Created by a Stamp for a Corporation
 Sample Seal Impression Image Created by a Stamp for a Limited Liability Company
 Sample Corporate Seal Impression Image Created by a Stamp for a Non Profit Corporation
 Sample Corporate Seal Impression Image Created by a Stamp for a Limited Liability Partnership
 Sample Corporate Seal Impression Image Created by a Stamp for a Professional Corporation
 Corporate  LLC  Non-Profit LLP PC

Why Use A Professional Grade Stamp For My Business?

Trodat designs and constructs its Professional Series specifically for high-volume users. The stamps are made to withstand consistent, day-to-day official use. A heavy-duty, pure metallic core is internally fitted with a custom ink pad bearing your unique company details. The brushed stainless steel exterior reflects is powerful functionality. Purchasing a Trodat Professional Grade Stamp offers our corporate customers the greatest possible stability & durability in a seal stamp. Compare its strength as relative to a traditional embosser, while also retaining the quick-actioned, smooth operation of other Self-inkers.

Great choice for business owners and operational associates who need to press round, inked impressions of a seal. And who desire maximum speed and longevity. Product highlights:

  • Black-bodied Trodat Professional Series Self Inking Stamp
  • Produces Round 1.6 inch Diameter Custom Corporate Seal Impressions (INC, LLC, Non Profit)
  • Create 1000s of impressions before doing an easy pad switch for extended life
  • Heavy Duty: strong metallic core construction; stainless steel
  • Manufactured with high-volume users in mind: will withstand rapid-fire, day-to-day stamping at a rate beyond any other inked seal creator

*Enter your required LLC, Corporation, or Non-Profit details below and we'll produce this model in-house. Ships to your doorstep according to chosen method. Same Day options available. Verify essential business documents such as meeting minutes, employment contracts, leases, agreement
of sale, and loan document

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