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Seal Embosser | Electric (Heavy Duty - Standard Reach)

SKU: CC-14
Your Price $1,450.00

PerfectSeal™ converts almost any existing or new hand held seal to a simple 2-3 second embossing operation. First, we get your custom information and produce the die to specification. Inserted into the machine, the seal will produce 1-5/8-inch diameter raised impressions at a depth of about 2-3/8-inches (1-1/2”oc) from the edge of the embossed document. Two year, up to 200,000 impression, limited warranty. Life expectancy over 700,000 cycles. Lightning fast quick touch button activation is standard. Choose paper insert direction (bottom, left, right, top). Brass die and exclusive alloy counter with plain text included. Seals with artwork, logos or additional customization must be quoted. 110-120 AC volts. Approximate size is 6" x 6-1/2" x 8". Weight: 13 pounds. Optional foot pedal is available for this model providing hands-free operation for an additional $145.00. Maximize production volume. Volume users are aware of the potential for "Repetitive Stress Injuries" from constant use of a manual embosser. PerfectSeal removes any chance of stress injury!  *Complexity of Image May Increase Price*

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