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Blumberg: Corporate History; Overview

Blumberg is a corporate supplies company and information retrieval service which began in New York City. They have been active in our industry since 1887 and are now a third-generation into being a family-run business. Blumberg maintains core manufacturing and fulfillment facilities near Albany, New York's state capitol, and additional filing service offices in Austin; the state capitol of Texas. Julius, the original Blumberg, owned a convenience store in New York City's Lower East Side. They sold stationary in addition to candy and other goods. In the backroom, Julius would host various civic groups, sometimes acting as secretary. Here he came into contact with the professional needs of these groups. Lawyers, previous to the advent of the typewriter or other mechanical means of reproduction, relied on manual labor to write out their documents longhand. An industry brew up around this need. Scriveners, a now obsolete professional title for these copyists, utilized uncommon abilities to read and write in assistance of the lawyers' legal need-for-speed. Many documents pass through the arms of the state and city apparatus. Imagine this before computers! Or even typewriters! Julius Blumberg responded to what he saw in the backroom of his store on the Lower East Side. He developed a large catalog of useful forms onto which “boilerplate” elements were already printed. We offer Blumberg's existent line of blank share and LLC and Not-for-Profit membership certificates, while continuing to build on the technological legacy of reproduction by offering fine, custom-printed versions of these same documents. Let us help you out! Satisfy your need-for-speed. Have Blumberg Certificates shipped out from our own location in Huntington, New York. Blumberg maintains a corporate presence in Brooklyn to this day. (Fun fact: according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, "notary public" is a synonym for the term scrivener).

These are our styles available as custom certificates. Most include standard wording. They will come printed with information unique to your Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or Non-Profit. Head over to our blank section to get clean Blumberg templates for private editing.

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Regulate corporate membership. Get custom Non-profit Certificates online. We print and ship. Make good record-keeping simple. Blumberg Brand.
Blumberg, leaders in the industry for over one hundred years, found in shops everywhere, designed these templates with a green border and eagle insignia. Order custom membership certificates for your Not-for-Profit corporation online. We print the company information you give us on top quality paper stock. Ships to your doorstep from our headquarters in New York.

Formalize each shared record your company sells. Get custom Stock Certificates online. We print and ship. Templates made by the wizards at Blumberg.
Customize these corporate stock certificates right now online. Legally binding, these are essential record-keeping instruments for your company. We print Blumberg Templates with standard wording and unique corporation details. Ships out from our New York headquarters. Same Day options available.

Regulate company members. Get custom LLC Certificates online. We print and ship. Simplify corporate record-keeping. Manufactured by Blumberg.
LLC Membership Certificates delegate membership in your Limited Liability Company with reference to the benefits, duties, and obligations put forth in the Operating Agreement. This legally binding agreement is essential for keeping track of each authorized member. These Blumberg certificates, industry standards, are customized then shipped from our New York office.