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HUBCO: Corporate History; Overview

HUBCO is your in-house business service specialists. From our inception in 1983 manufacturing stamps and seals through a mid-90s evolution into handling incorporations across all 50 US states, we have always striven to provide fast, efficient service to corporate customers. A relative newcomer compared to companies such as Blumberg and Goes, operating for over 100+ years into third-and-fourth generations of family ownership, HUBCO maintains a small, efficient staff which prides itself on speed and economy. Personal attention is paid to each order. Many of our employees remain in place from the company's founding on Hicksville, Long Island. All supplies orders are processed, designed, manufactured, and shipped from within the confines of a new, two-story building in neighboring Suffolk county. As HUBCO evolved through the rise of online retail in the early 2000s and on until the digital platforms of the present day, its goal has been to maintain the level of service such a concise organizational structure entails. Imagine taking orders for stamps, seals, and corporate filings through fax, catalog, and phone. This was our only way to reach you! We've been there. Our inherent local service values still apply to an ever-growing suite of national corporate needs. Check out HUBCO's exclusive line of Certificates of Stock and Membership for LLCs, Non-profits, and Corporations. Shop around! You'll find the best prices and consistent quality in the industry.

These are our styles available as custom printed certificates. All include standard wording. Your certificates will contain the unique details specific to your Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or Non-Profit. Head over to our blank section if you just want plain templates.

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Regulate corporate membership. Get custom Non-profit Certificates online. We print and ship. Make good record-keeping simple. HUBCO Brand.
Our in-house design. Be assured amazing service from a team of business professionals. Order custom membership certificates for your Not-for-Profit corporation. We'll put in the same care as the templates are emblazoned with a unique company identity. Ships from our headquarters in New York to all 50 US states. A variety of shipping options are available.

Record each share your company sells. Buy Stock Certificates online. We custom print and ship. Bears unique corporate info & standard wording. In-house HUBCO design.
Stock Certificates are legal, binding instruments essential for good corporate record-keeping. Customize these templates right now online. We laser-print our own HUBCO brand certificates bearing your unique corporate information. Ships to your doorstep. Distribute to owners. Great gifts to formalize membership in a business organization. Same Day options available. Everything done on-site at our Huntington, New York Headquarters.

Our in-house LLC Membership Certificate design gives business owners new and old a simple, effective means of record-keeping. Customize online. Shipped from New York.
We custom print these LLC membership certificates for you using an industry-grade laser printer. These are our own in-house designed products you will find being sold nowhere else. Shipped from location in Huntington, New York to all 50 US states with a variety of options including 1-day and Next-day air.