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Custom LLC Membership Certificates | Corpex (Pack of 20)

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List Price $43.99
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Corpex brand Membership Certificates give LLC members and managers strong, essential means to keep track of responsibilities; here are some of this particular product's highlights:

  • Green-inked border design
  • Standard wording text
  • 3 punched holes on top each for simple binder insertion
  • 20 total certificates (bulk discounting available on increased quantities)
  • Customizable certificate numbering, company name, and state
  • Blank space to delegate member, sign date, and affix corporate seal
  • Measurements: 11 x 8.5 inches
  • Contains Backer

Order Form Instructions:


A) Enter all pertinent information. Have your Articles of Organization handy or be able to reference them. *Company name should be entered exactly as filed with the Secretary of State. Put any additional requests within the Special Instructions box at the end. We have a professional team capable of designing your certificates to mandate. Contact us over the phone (888-814-7325) if there is any issue.

    Product Options and Custom Information
    Extra Certificates
    Company Name
    Certificate Numbering
    Special Instructions

    "This Certifies that [insert] is a member the above named Limited Liability Company and is entitled to the full benefits and privileges of such membership, subject to the duties and obligations as more fully set forth in the Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement.

     "In Witness Whereof, the Limited Liability Company has caused this Certificate to be executed by its duly authorized members this [insert] day of [insert] A.D. [insert], and its Limited Liability Company Seal to be hereunto affixed."

    "FOR VALUE RECEIVED, [insert] hereby sell, assign and transfers


    unto [insert] the Membership Interest represented by the within Certificate, and does hereby irrevocably constitute and appoint [insert] Attorney to transfer the said Membership Interest on the books of the within-named Limited Liability Company with full power of substitution in the premises

    Dated, [insert]

    In presence of

    [insert] (Member)

    [insert]      [insert] (Member)"