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Duke: Corporate History; Overview

Duke™ brand Certificates of Share and LLC Membership are manufactured by American-Superior, Inc.  They are working out of a facility in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Incorporated in its current form in 1987 but operational back to the post-WWII boom of 1952, American-Superior sets itself apart by maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is the highest grade for a company showcasing a standard code of conduct and zero history of consumer complaints. As the company brand, Duke Certificates have a copyright design you will not be able to find anywhere else. Choose all Duke designs with a Border Color option.

These are our styles available as blank certificates. All include standard wording. The certificates will come without any information specific to your Corporation or LLC. Head over to our custom Duke section to have them printed up for you.

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Regulate company members. Buy blank LLC Certificates. Put in your books. Makes good record-keeping cost-effective. Manufactured by Duke.
LLC Membership Certificates delegate membership in your Limited Liability Company with reference to the benefits, duties, and obligations put forth in the Operating Agreement. This legally binding agreement is essential for keeping track of each authorized member. These Duke certificates are left blank with standard wording and shipped out to from our New York office.

Formalize each shared record your company sells. Get custom Stock Certificates online. We print and ship. Fill out and distribute. Right-facing, Eagle insignia.
We print Blank Duke-manufactured Stock Certificates with standard wording and ship out from our New York headquarters. Legally binding agreements between corporation and shareholder, share certificates are essential for keeping solid company records. Order your professional templates online for private manipulation. Same Day options available.

Formalize each shared record your company sells. Order blank Stock Certificates online. We print and ship templates. You fill out. Distribute. Left-facing, Eagle insignia.
Customize these corporate stock certificates right now online. Legally binding, these are essential record-keeping instruments for your company. We print Duke Templates with standard wording and unique corporation details. Ships out from our New York headquarters. Same Day options available.