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Certificates of Stock: Corporations

A stock certificate is a document signifying the number of shares owned in a corporation. They have been in use for over 400 years and remain a valid aspect of operational business documentation. Here is one we dug up from the Green Bay Packers:

How To Fill Out a Stock Certificate, Example

The stock certificate can also be called a certificate of share, share certificate, or certificate of stock. Whoever owns it is known as a shareholder. Corporations issue stock in order to raise capital for new business ventures. The Packers last issued stock during 2011 in order to fund a $145 million Lambeau Field expansion. You might not need that much (or maybe you need more!) but the idea remains the same.

These are our styles available as blank certificates. Most include standard wording. Some have no text. Your certificates will come without any information specific to the Corporation. Go to our custom section to have them printed for you.
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