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Incorporate in North Carolina? Formalize each shared record your company sells. Order certificates online. We ship blank, paper templates for distribution. Beautifully lithographed, state specific series by Goes.

Blank North Carolina Stock Certificates

SKU: SC-115
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Goes Certificates of Share guarantee market-superior lithography and security features. Give your business the assuredness of a brand working at the heart of the industry since 1879. This is from their series of stock certificates containing visual elements and text specific for certain states. Not all states are available. If yours is, consider yourself lucky! Here are some of this particular product's highlights:

  • Goes Model No. 223 Corporate Stock Certificates (State-specific Series)
  • Green-inked border design
  • State Seal of North Carolina elevated on Left of Panel
  • Standard Wording
  • Blank space for certificate numbering, company name, share structure, delegated shareholder, signing date, and affixation of the corporate seal
  • 20 total certificates (increase quantity for bulk discounts)
  • Long Form Styled Measurements: 15 x 8.5 inches
  • Printed on 25% Cotton Stock
  • 4-inch Tearable Stub
  • Shares Each / Capital Text
  • Includes Backer (Green)

These are our Goes 223s available as blank certificates. They will come without any details unique to your Corporation. If you'd like to save some time and have us print them for you, click here for custom North Carolina stock certificates.

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