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Corporate Supplies

Why Incorporate

Incorporation refers to the specific process of forming a legal entity called a corporation. A corporation has a privilege other business structures lack: the ability to issue stock. This means you have the chance to grow & attract investors by offering shared ownership in your company. A correctly set-up corporation cleanly separates individual owners from the business entity, providing a shield against the co-mingling of assets denoted by the phrase "PIERCING THE CORPORATE VEIL".

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Incorporated? Get Your Full Corporate Kit / Book

Corporations have stringent record-keeping practices. All states demand Sealed minutes of yearly meetings be kept. Getting everything inside a Kit makes life easier for business owners.  

Start expanding. Press your company seal on new certificates of share. Feel secure walking into a credit union or bank and open a business account. Pieces of equipment from inside the Kit are also available for individual sale.

Click the Book to customize or browse associated items below. We ship to all 50 states and include expedited options.

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